IGCJの皆様、 IANA監督権限移管提出意見検討チーム提案者の橘です。

IGCJ8会合の後、IANA監督権限移管提出意見検討チームの作成を提案し、 ドラフティングチームメンバーを募集いたしました。 募集に対して応募いただいた皆さんと共に、 2015年8月20日の会合での検討及び、 チームのメーリングリストでの議論を経て、 本チームは提出意見草案を末尾の通り起草しました。 内容は、(IGCJ-member 34)でもお知らせした通り、 概括的な支持を旨とする意見となっています。


コメント期間 2015年9月2日(水) 23:59 JSTまで
コメント方法 メールで iana-comment@igcj.jp 宛に送付



を2015年9月1日(火)18:00~19:30にJPNIC会議室で開催します。 ぜひご参加ください。



We, as individual participants of Internet Governance Conference Japan (IGCJ), would like to express support for the combined proposal by the ICG as described below.

Since the early days of the Internet until today, the global Internet infrastructure and its operational policies have developed and maintained sound and healthy operation, based on the spirit of open, inclusive and bottom-up process.

The ICG proposal is based on the three proposals developed by the Operational Communities of the IANA functions for each of its respective resources with the nature as described above, which was then combined by the ICG. Based on this process, the proposal holds a straightforward framework, where representative entity from each of the three Operational Communities will have direct oversight on the respective IANA functions, which it receives the service and facilitates policy/standards development of the relevant resource.

These Operational Communities have maintained responsible engagement in the standardization and resource management, at the same time, have ensured the global public interest for the respective resources through unrestricted participation open to any stakeholders. Based on this, we expect this well-established community based mechanism which is proven through the history, is applicable for the additional role on the oversight of the IANA functions. We therefore believe the proposal establishes a more desirable mechanism for the oversight of the IANA functions, as a result of its stewardship transition from the NTIA.

Individual participants of Internet Governance Conference Japan (IGCJ):


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