We, as individuals in the Japanese community, would like to express general support for the combined proposal by the ICG as described below.

Since the early days of the Internet until today, the global Internet infrastructure and its operational policies have developed and maintained sound and healthy operation, based on the spirit of open, inclusive and bottom-up process. Stable and smooth transition of the IANA functions stewardship is important for socio-economical sustainability of and on the Internet, through ensuring that the resources managed by the IANA functions continues to be available to its customers, as well as the wider Internet community, for its services and activities.

The ICG proposal is based on the three proposals developed by the Operational Communities of the IANA functions for each of its respective resources with the nature as described above, which was then combined by the ICG. Based on this process, the proposal holds a straightforward framework, where representative entities from each of the three Operational Communities, which receive its services and facilitate policy/standards development of the relevant resource, will have direct oversight on the respective IANA functions.

These Operational Communities have maintained responsible engagement in the standardization and resource management, at the same time, have ensured the global public interest for the respective resources through unrestricted participation open to any stakeholders. Based on this, we believe this well-established community based mechanism which is proven through the history, is applicable for the additional role on the oversight of the IANA functions. We therefore believe the proposal establishes a more desirable mechanism for the oversight of the IANA functions, as a result of its stewardship transition from the NTIA.

Further, we support the proposal as a structural design, but believe its implementation is the key in the stable transition. We expect the communities to continue its current collaborative efforts towards the successful transition, until its implementation is completed.

While this comment is a single submission, it represents the support of individuals whose names are listed below. We hope the ICG and NTIA take this into consideration, in terms of the number of individual supports this single submission represents.

Individuals in the Japanese Community:

This comment has been originally drafted by volunteers who formed a team through Internet Governance Conference Japan (IGCJ) and then been circulated to the Japanese community. IGCJ is a community platform which was launched in June 2014 for discussions in Japan on various issues on the Internet Governance, with open participation to its bi-monthly meetings, mailing list and any sub-teams which the participants set up to focus on a particular subject. The IANA Stewardship Transition is the topic which has been regularly and continuously updated, and discussed in IGCJ. For more details, visit the IGCJ website at: http://igcj.jp/about.html